November 22nd, 2020


I dusted my dressing table.

I did it because Ailz was threatening to do it if I didn't- and my dressing table is where I keep my toys.

Among them a castle full of old-time, Dungeons and Dragons-style gaming figures- and you can't just whisk round with a duster; each figure has to be lifted out and dusted with a soft cosmetics brush then replaced in the right position and not just any-old-how.

It took time- and I also did some judicious weeding (tidying away some of the figures I can do without) so that next time I have to do this- say, in five years time- it won't be quite so laborious...

The Occultist

IRL this person- from some tabletop game no-one plays any more- is about an inch high.

I bought most of my gaming figures secondhand on ebay and painted them myself. There was no system to my collecting. Price was a factor; otherwise I bought figures that appealed to me, irrespective of maker or date. The earliest ones date from the 80s, the most recent from 20 years later. I have a particular liking for the early ones because they're chunky and rough-hewn and feel like they were designed with love. I mostly steered clear of Warhammer. My biggest coup was to buy a cheap job lot of manky looking figures- one of which (and I'd spotted it in the picture the seller had posted) was a very early, much sought after female gaoler

I never played with them, just arranged them in shifting tableaux- as I'm doing today.