November 6th, 2020

Wot, No President!

They removed the corpse from the basement and put it in a bath- whereupon it coughed, sat up and "said, "Sorry we have to do this again," then lay down in the bath water, opened its mouth and drowned. This was a dream I had just before waking.

I got the date wrong yesterday- and wrote about there not having been many fireworks when bonfire night hadn't actually happened yet. Perhaps one should note it as one of the effects of lockdown that one loses track of time. Anyway the actual bonfire night wasn't that much livelier than the night before. There were a few bangs around eight o'clock- and that was it. I had been sent a petition to sign requesting a ban on fireworks for the sake of domestic animals- which I binned for a number of reasons- the chief of which being that I'm constitutionally averse to banning things. Further down the list would come the observation that it's just not true that all pets are spooked by fireworks- and, indeed, I don't think I've ever owned one that was. Ailz reminds me of a cat we used to have who would sit up on the window sill specifically to watch the sparkles in the sky.

It seems the USA still doesn't have a President. All the mainstream media I see is unquestioningly hostile to Trump, calling his accusations of fraud "false" and "fake" without bothering to investigate- which is either culpable naivety or dereliction of duty. From what I know of the history of US politics- indeed of politics worldwide- both sides will be doing all they can to finangle their way to victory. These are not nice people- and the main difference between Biden and Trump is that only one of them has drawing-room manners.