November 2nd, 2020

Counting Off The Days Until The Second Lockdown

Ailz plans supermarket deliveries a long time in advance- and the one that arrived this morning had been booked long before we knew the second lockdown was imminent. Judging by what happened before, slots may be hard to come by from here on out.

The wind blew hard all night but has slackened now- and we're seeing glimpses of blue sky among the flying clouds. Mr P the pheasant is back- having taken time out to raise his chicks- or whatever it is pheasants do in the summer months- and woke us up this morning with his squawking.

Gulls Of Course

I look up at the patch of blue- making the most of it because I don't think it will be with us for long- and see four big birds with crooked wings.

Gulls, of course.

Only I don't think "gulls", I think "pterosaurs".