November 1st, 2020

More Of The Same Only Worse

And so England is going back into something like full lockdown.

A lockdown in November is going to feel rather different from a lockdown in April- and I expect the response to be grudging and much less compliant. Then we had spring and summer to look forward to, now we have Christmas- and an awful lot of us have never been that keen on Christmas- and those of us who are will be griping about how the pandemic rules have taken the fizz out of the cava. First time round there was communal clapping for the NHS and children painted rainbows and posted them in windows- this, time, well, we'll see.

We were innocent then, now we're campaign-hardened and questioning. The mere fact hat we're having to do it again suggests that the first lockdown failed- and if that's so why are we repeating the strategy? Again there'll be quibbles about particulars- like the closing of restaurants and pubs while schools and colleges remain open. Finally there's the issue around leadership. Those of us who relish the smack of firm governance haven't been getting that from Johnson and his crew. I'm not saying other national leaders have done a better job but rather that they've seemed to be doing a better job- and in politics seeming is important. Nicola Sturgeon, for instance, has looked decisive where Johnson has looked inconsistent, dithery and detached. A lot of us are going to disobey the rules for no better reason than that they're Johnson's rules.

Bonfire night is coming up. I suppose we ought to consider it cancelled, but... but... a lot of us are feeling very Guy Fawkesy...