October 30th, 2020

So That's All Right Then

Jeremy Corbyn is a man of principle- and as near incorruptible as any politician ever is. Had he become prime minister he would have annoyed the people who really run the world- and so they instructed their media to tear him to bits. Making him out to be an antisemite was the most effective of their strategies. Of course there is antisemitism in the Labour Party; there's antisemitism everywhere. Did the media go after the antisemites in the Conservative Party? No need to- the Conservative Party is in the pockets of the people who run the world and can be counted on to further their agenda.

The Labour Party now has a leader who used to be head of the public prosecution service and is therefore wholly in accord with the people who really run the world. In Craig Murray's phrase he and they are now the "substitutes bench for the Neoconservative team." This being the case- and given that the first team is scoring so many own goals- they may even be allowed to win the next election.