October 13th, 2020

Honest Wear And Tear

The tip of the knife was bent right over.

Give it to Julia to give to Bean to melt down in his forge?

But the only bit of it that's metal is the blade. The bulk of it is plastic....

Throw it away?

But it'll only go into landfill- where the plastic will persist for thousands of years.

So I fetch out the pliers.

The tip is straight again. Straight in a slightly wavy way.

But I'll bet even Excalibur was a bit wavy after it had been through a few jousts and battles.

Very October

A heron flies over head- not a rarity round here but not common either. A crow accompanies it- at a safe distance- as if escorting it away from crow airspace.

I've been watching the horses and donkeys eat. They don't stay long in one place but browse the available buffet. The big donkey strips a branch from a sapling then moves on to the next. My hope is that over the winter they'll halt the advancing scrub and tread and eat the field back into pastureland.

It's a damp, mild day. Grey skies. Very October.