September 29th, 2020

Acorns, Apples, Yellowing Leaves, Bonfires

It's a good year for acorns. In fact it's a good year for every kind of fruit and berry and nut. I read that apples are rotting underfoot in West Country orchards because they've grown more than they can use. Apparently the bumper crop has coincided with a drop in the demand for cider.

I don't understand that last bit. I assumed we were all drinking more because of the lockdown.

It's a dull morning- cloudy but not cold. I thought for a moment that the sun was coming out, but I'd been fooled by the yellowing leaves of the big horse chestnut tree.

I set light to the bonfire yesterday morning. Just one match- and it went up like an Olympic torch. 24 hours later I was picking over the site, removing non-combustibles, and disturbed a frog. "Don't you know there's a nice new pond just a hundred yards down the hill?" I said.