September 28th, 2020


Wimbledon didn't happen, but the French Open is just getting started- several months behind time- under grey skies, with the seats mostly empty and such spectators as there are wearing masks and many of the players opting for leggings because it's so bloody cold.

When this footage gets replayed people will know without being told that its from 2020- and they'll turn to one another and go, "That was such a weird year."

Names For A New Age

As I write Petra Kitova is playing a Frenchwoman called Oceane Dodin.

What a beautiful name that is: Oceane.

I love it how names taken from Nature are beginning to chase out the weary old Christian saints. New names for a new age. Adieu Marie-Therese, bonjour Oceane...

If I were still in the business of naming babies I'd be going that route.

In related news I see that Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara have called their son River- which is brilliant in this way, but also in that.