September 16th, 2020


I dreamed that Chris and his Dad (they're the owners of the horses who live in our fields) had asked us to care for a donkey. They said we had to keep it close to the house and watch it  because people would want to steal it- so that's what we did and it made a mess of the garden.

We were discussing donkeys yesterday. Julia said she'd seen a couple of white ones down in the West Country- and we talked about how they have crosses on their backs as a reward for one of them carrying Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Ailz thinks donkeys are distinct from asses and I think otherwise. "Donkey" is just marginally politer if applied to a human being.

Ailz used to call me "Donkey". I thought it was because I was well hung. She said, "No, it's because you eat a lot."

Change of subject- sort of....

I sign a lot of petitions for worthy causes, but I've begun to wonder whether petitioning someone isn't just a way of acknowledging their power and cementing them in place. For instance, the Johnson government is totally half-baked and makes half-baked laws- and aren't I just encouraging it in its self-belief by asking it to change its laws; wouldn't I be better off ignoring them and it?

I haven't made my mind up on that one- but I didn't sign the petition that prompted the train of thought.

We have power. We give it away to so-called authorities. Why? Do we really think they know better?

Authorities, governments, ruling castes, cabals consist of people who lack personal authority- and seek power over others to make up for the deficit.

And dress up their inadequacy in titles, uniforms, business suits and all that malarkey...

A donkey with a big hat on (made the link) is still a donkey.

If we totally ignored government would it cease to exist? Yes, I think it would-

And one day it will.

We've got some growing up to do first-  but we can make a start...