September 7th, 2020

Free Speech

Our paper arrived late on Saturday morning with its main section missing- which turned out to be nothing to do with the newsagent but down to Extinction Rebellion blockading the roads around the printing works. The PM and other people with loud voices said it was a terrible crime against the Freedom of the Press- which would be relevant if we actually had a free press- which we don't.

In related news the BBC's new Director General has been telling the corporation's "stars" that they need to keep their opinions to themselves when they're tweeting- which is a veiled way of saying they mustn't criticize the government.

Freedom of the Press? Only if it serves our interests.

The old order feels its footholds crumbling and its fingers slipping and that's why it's making so much noise.

I Said I Would So I Did

I was awake at 2pm- very much awake- so I did as I'd halfway planned to do- and put my dressing gown on and went and stood on the lawn.

The Moon had lost its bottom right hand edge but was giving so much light I could read the lines in my palm- and move about without bumping into things. Mars sat on her shoulder. Orion was above the skyline but hiding in the haze. Aldebaran and the Pleiades sat to the left of the Moon and in her aura but if I raised my hand to block her out they were bright, bright, bright.