August 31st, 2020

Liverpool Bound

There was a time when we gave living space to several cats (Ailz says the most we had at any one time was eight and I say nine) but they always managed to rub along together- and we never had to deal with anything like the antagonism between Marlowe and Pickles- and all the yowling, hissing and actual bodily harm that went with it.

Pickles has left us now. We've been constantly looking to place her elsewhere- and very much to our surprise Odi and family said they'd take her- and she's off to Liverpool with them today. She's a perfectly nice cat, and we think she'll flourish in a home where there's no other animal to contend with and she has several children wanting to fuss her.

A new start and a new name. I never felt that Pickles suited her- and almost the first thing the kids asked was could they call her something else. Certainly, I said, No problem. Christa favoured Co-Co but Fabrizio said that was silly- and what they settled on was Indy- in honour of a dog they once knew.