August 21st, 2020

Blowing Hard

It's been blowing hard all day.

And I've been unusually sleepy. As I slid towards the third (or was it the fourth?) nap of the day I pulled myself together and went and mopped the bathroom floor instead.

Otherwise- when I've not been asleep- I've been filling my time with reading about how awful Joe Biden is. Broadly speaking he's horrible in all the ways that Trump is- and the main difference between the two is that the one has spent all his life in politics- thereby acquiring a kind of greasy sheen- and the other hasn't.

My mother's TV is on a setting where it switches itself off if no-one touches the controls for a couple of hours. It used to be the case that she'd call us in to ask us what had gone wrong- but now she doesn't notice. I rather like it when it happens. I'd much rather listen to the wind than to a distant mutter of game shows and ancient movies.