August 19th, 2020


Dungeness is a cuspate foreland (I had to get that in) mainly consisting of shingle. There are lighthouses and a power station- and the outflow of hot water from the power station has created a unique ecosystem that draws in the fish. Our friend Bow goes fishing there. Indeed he might have been one of the guys who were there on the beach yesterday- but I'm not sufficiently brazen to go round peering under baseball caps.

People live on Dungeness. They live in bungalows and shacks. There are sheds and beached boats. Derek Jarman had his home here- and created a garden which was being tended when we drove by. Jarman's cottage is eccentric but so is everything else.

If you go to the edge of the beach and look east you can see the White Cliffs. Not the white cliffs I've been posting photos of but the actual "White Cliffs of Dover" that Vera Lynn sang about. There are two ranges of chalk hills in the South East- the North Downs and the South Downs. Vera's white cliffs are where the North Downs meet the sea and the Sussex white cliffs are where the South Downs meet the sea.