August 8th, 2020


Hottest day for seventeen years...

(This was yesterday, but I wouldn't be surprised if today went one better)

...and the eldest granddaughter said, "Lets do some metal detecting."

And we did and she got a signal- and we then spent a very long time (half an hour, maybe?) digging in the parched soil- with four of us taking turns- disturbing an ants nest in the process- finally coming up with some big, pointy bits of scrap metal that may once have been part of a fence but might equally have been iron age swords, dropped by Kentish tribesmen as they fled from Caesar's legions.

(I am allowing myself to be whimsical which is a sure sign that I'm tired...)

Ivy says she wants to take one of the "swords" into school for a "show and tell"- but we'll see if she remembers...