July 14th, 2020

Relax And Be

I shuffled the brand new pack of Oracle Cards, cut- and took one off the top. "Relax and Be" it said. Which is exactly what Ailz and I had already decided we'd do today...

Lee Carroll says in his guide to the cards that "Relax and Be" is his favourite.

Today is our "day off"- which means we have K come in and look after my mother from late morning to early evening. Usually we get in the car and drive and drive, but this morning we really couldn't think of anywhere we wanted to drive to. My project of visiting every church in West Kent and East Sussex is effectively over: there may be one or two I've somehow missed and if I come across them it'll be a lovely surprise- but I'm no longer poring over the map and going "Today we'll visit this little cluster here". Besides CV19 has shut the churches- as it has shut everything else...

So we'll relax and be. There's some shopping to be done and a piece of kitchen furniture I started to assemble yesterday that I should be able to finish later. Lunch will be yesterdays leftovers, plus chips.

We have a lot of potatoes to get through.

We have taken to buying them in 5 kilo sacks. Last week I didn't see any on display in the shop, so I asked the guy if he had any of the "big bags". "Sure" he said- and went and rooted about back stage to find one for me. He then very kindly carried it to the car for me because I'm visibly ancient and the bag was heavy.

It was really only after we got it home that I realized that what we'd bought was a 25 kilo bag.

Never mind. I like potatoes. I like potatoes a lot. For supper these days I generally have a dish of potatoes- steamed or fried- with plenty of salt and a side order of mayo.