July 10th, 2020

Cowardy Custard

I dream that I'm about to conduct the wedding of two very young children- and it has dawned on me that this might be rather an inappropriate thing to do. Perhaps I should stand up and say so- only I'm afraid of what their parents might do to me if I back out at the last moment.

Revolting Romans

My daughter asked me if I'd do some face time on Skype- helping my granddaughter with her homework. I had a look at one of her school books in preparation- a kind of "Horrible Histories" knock-off about how brutal and smelly the Romans were.

(I don't doubt the brutality but I'm pretty sure they weren't physically repulsive. I mean Baths, drains, perfumes, all that sort of thing...)

In the event the Romans got pretty short shrift. Ivy largely ran the show- as I thought she might- tutoring me in the use of Skype.

Who cares about Septimus Severus? Look, I now know how to send emojis and photographs winging through the ether...