July 9th, 2020

Cats And Crows

Cats are such wasteful creatures.

And it really narks me how much of the food we give them I have to throw away because-

1. They happen not to be feeling very peckish even though they've been going "feed me, feed me".

2. They don't like the flavour

3. They've licked off all the jelly/gravy and what remains is too dry.

4. It's been sitting out too long and is no longer as fresh as it might be.

I give them a bit of a talking to sometimes and ask them how they managed when they were sourcing their own food on the wide and tawny savannah/in the dark and dappled forest- and they go "Shut up, that's ancient history; we've got you now (sucker)!"

But Ailz has been doing some research and says we don't have to throw it away; instead we can put it out for the corvids- and they'll be more than grateful.

Indeed she says they'll be so grateful that (according to the site she's been studying) they'll come tapping at the doors and windows with their hard little beaks (not so little actually) going "Please sir/ma'am can I have some more Felix in Jelly!"

I do like corvids. And it won't pain me to feed them.

They're smarter than cats (I think)

Cats can do that "look-into-my-eyes-and-witness-the-exquisite-suffering-of-the-world-soul"-thing (which is kind of entrancing)- but it's the only thing they do, whereas corvids....