June 30th, 2020

Long Dead Tree

I pay close attention to the weather forecasts- and especially when we're planning to go out for the day. Sometimes they're right.

Today they were sort of right. They said "showers"- and showers we had- only the showers were so close together as to be nearly indistinguishable from continuous rain. It wasn't a day for the seaside so for no very good reason we decided we'd spend our free time driving round the outer London suburbs.

When we felt it was time to eat we pulled into the car park at Sidcup Place and ate our bread and cheese and humus (all vegan). I didn't eat the cheese because I think vegan cheese is a contradiction in terms and I've yet to be offered any that would change my mind. The humus was good.

While we were there and the rain was only a mizzle I took a quick stroll round the park. That was when I photographed this long dead tree.