May 26th, 2020

Moving Into Summer

The relevant authorities are anticipating a water shortage and have asked us to go easy on watering the garden. I've been filling my can from the butts the horses no longer need- but that's a resource that'll soon be gone.

The government says open air markets can open on June 1st and every kind of shop on the 15th. The world is being handed back to us, piece by piece.

A box of groceries I opened this morning was bulked out with packaging peanuts- which I've always thought of as a bloody nuisance because they get everywhere, stick to your clothes, are non-recyclable and take up lots of valuable space in the dustbin. But wait, there's a note at the bottom of the box which tells me these particular peanuts dissolve in water. I hold one under the tap and it simply falls apart. Excellent. I check online and it says they're a vegetable product- made of wheat or corn starch or something along those lines. So what I'm going to do is throw them on the compost heap- where the first rains (whenever those happen along) will return them to the earth.