May 25th, 2020

Fence Making

Now would be a good time to stop paying such close attention to the News. British politics- which have been muted over the past two months- out of a sense that we should all be working together- are turning nasty again. I initially wrote "turning tribal" but the scrimmaging and attitudinising over the Cummings affair (imaginatively dubbed "Durhamgate") isn't a spat between the old tribes of Conservative and Labour but between the less precisely formulated groupings of globalist and anti-globalist. Cummings did a politically stupid thing and the people who hate him- who are legion- are all over him and his patron Johnson- but let's not go into the details. The point is the whole thing is foul and the less attention we give it the less oil we'll be pouring on the fire. We should be giving our energies to better things.

Like fence making.

I wander the fields, pick up a bit of stick, carry it to one of the gaps- then work out how best to fit it into the growing structure. I'm like a bird building a nest- with the difference that the bird's workmanship would be better...