May 23rd, 2020


Anger is evasive. Anger is cowardly. You get angry when you're unsure of yourself, when your inner conflict boils over. You should be dealing with your doubts and fears  but you'd rather not-  so  you push them out onto someone else. Does it ever make you feel better? No, rather the reverse. You've just spread the infection. You don't make yourself better by sniping and snarking- any more than you can cure yourself of a cold by sneezing in someone's face.  

There's half of me that thinks social distancing is essential and half of me that thinks it's silly. A friend got in between the two halves of me and was snapped at. That's what's behind these thoughts.

There may be such a thing as "righteous indignation" but I doubt it. When Jesus chased the traders out of the temple it was a lapse. When he said "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" he was acting from his true centre.

The safest people to get angry with are politicians. Unless, of course, you live in one of those places where they have the secret police watching you, in which case you're better off kicking your hat around the room.     

Under Lockdown Rules

My sister and her husband came visiting for the first time since lockdown began. They thought it wiser not to come inside- and social distancing was observed at all times- as illustrated in the picture above.

Shortly after they left there was the most terrific rainstorm- with a side order of thunder. It only lasted a few minutes but was so heavy it overwhelmed the gutters. This is the first rain we've had since I dug the pond- and I need to go see how it's coping...