May 14th, 2020

Disloyal Thoughts

I thought of whizzing off to the seaside the other day but "I can" isn't the same as "I must" and I didn't feel any great desire to follow through. The seaside towns are still a bit antsy about visitors- and I hate to go anywhere I'm not wanted.

Which is one of the reasons I've never been to Venice.

Even the Telegraph is stirring in its sleep of ages and having less than loyal thoughts about the Johnson Government. Yesterday's cartoon showed Johnson and his crew all happy and smiley inside a bubble surrounded by cross and bewildered people- and it accompanied an article that argued his Corvid 19 team might command more respect and show more common sense if it contained some women. There was a Woosterish touch to the lifting of restrictions on tennis, angling and golf- and the pictures of tubby, middle-aged gents wandering through leafy glades with their golf trollies made an odd fit with those of city workers piling onto underground trains in numbers that precluded social distancing. Two nations? That's very much what it looked like. You lot over there can go play games in the open air while you other lot really owe it to us to risk your health in the most polluted environment known to man- because the economy, you know...

And if you object to the Underground, why not get on your bike?

When I saw those pictures- the ones of the crowded underground, I mean- my first thought was unworthy. It went "So why the hell are any of us bothering? Why don't we all just muck in like the Swedes, share the love, drop like flies and get it over with?"