May 13th, 2020


Once a week we get little glimpses of the world outside.

In Brenchley only one person at a time was entering the Post Office. The rest of us queued- at intervals- along the pavement, patiently waiting our turn.  No-one was supervising this. And I didn't see any notices mandating it. We've accepted the new norm and fallen into its patterns and to do otherwise would be an outrage against decency.  

Brenchley was decked out in bunting. Lots of Union Jacks. Lots of slogans in support of the NHS. At the end of one driveway the images on display included a picture of Churchill flashing his V sign.

No-one in the villages we passed through was wearing a face mask.     

Contrasting Approaches

I've been speaking to our neighbour- who has just completed two weeks quarantine after flying in from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has kept its shops and eateries open but insists on masks being worn on the streets and staff with temperature-taking guns being posted at the doors of all public buildings.    

Very different from the British set up.

She arrived at Heathrow expecting to be rigorously checked and tested and there was nothing...

Hong Kong- small island, small population- has largely dodged the virus: very few cases, very few deaths. Britain on the other hand...