May 11th, 2020

A Man And His Plan

We were promised a plan.

The PM outlined it yesterday- and this is it. Everyone should go back to work while staying safe. Unlimited exercise is allowed. It is no longer socially irresponsible to drive a long way to take exercise. People who flout the rules will receive heavier fines.

Cartoonists still draw the PM as a fat guy with a mop of unruly yellow hair. In reality the face is lengthening and the bone structure showing through. The hair is thin and sparse and there's a comb-over hiding the pinkness on top.

Danger Within

Every so often one of the forgotten movies my mother watches on the Talking Pictures channel snags my attention. Yesterday it was Danger Within (1959)- a prison camp escape drama-cum-whodunnit with an ensemble cast headed by Richard Todd, Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee and- best of all- Denis Price as the self-deluding actor chappie (with a pin-up of John Gielgud over his bunk) who indulges himself in the world's worst production of Hamlet while his audience escapes down the tunnel under his stage.  Brian Forbes had a hand in writing the script- which is almost always an indication of quality- and Don Chaffey- best known for Jason and the Argonauts- is the director- supplying the kind of sweet little touches (like that pin-up of Gielgud)- that prove him to be something rather more than a journeyman. There's comedy, suspense, the odd shock- and finally the blissful release of watching the surviving cast disperse themselves into the sunny Italian landscape.