May 6th, 2020

Cat Talk

Took cat to vet: nothing serious, just wanted to make sure.

This is how it works under lockdown. It's like something out of John le Carre.

Book appointment by phone.

Drive to vet's.

Phone reception from car park. Receive instructions.

Drop cat in basket at front gate, step well clear.

Woman in scrubs and mask collects cat from gate, carries it inside.


Receive phone call from vets, with results of examination.

Handover at gate: same as before only in reverse.

Do you know why cats mew? Bean- who drove me to the vets- filled me in.

What they're doing is imitating a human baby because over millennia they've discovered it's a sure way of getting our attention. Have you noticed that they don't do it with one another- only with humans?

Clever old Felix!