May 3rd, 2020

Three Things

1. In what used to pass for normal times the volume of stuff we purchased was approximately equal to the stuff we got rid of through the charity shops- but now, with the charity shops closed, we're buying in without getting rid- and the house is beginning to feel constipated.

When the charity shops open again (if they ever do) I predict they're going to be flooded with donations- just as they were a year and a half ago when everybody was giving and receiving that Marie Kondo book for Christmas.

2. Every day I do a little more work on the pond, sloshing round in the dark, deep mud- and the horses come to see what I'm doing.

3. My mother's hot water bottle burst in the night. Just before she called us in to change the bed I'd been dreaming about her. She was about 40 years younger than she is now and was showing affection as she rarely did at any age. We had a creature with us which was interchangeably a dog, a cat, a child and the god Anubis.

New Toy

The phone that fell in the pond has been replaced. The old phone was only a phone but the new one is smart. It has apps. As usual I've adopted the latest technology about a decade after everyone else.

And I've been sending people pics of myself, of the pond, of the baby horse...