April 22nd, 2020

Not Everyone Is Going To Agree With This

I was always expecting something big to happen. When I was a kid the thing I was expecting was nuclear annihilation. It didn't happen. Not on this time line anyway...

Later I sort of expected things to change when we moved from one century to the next- and was disappointed when the 20th century just seemed to carry on- same obsessions, same music, same politics, same everything. Somewhere in this blog- which I started in 2004- are posts that ask, "So when is the 21st century going to start?"

I reckon now that it started about 12 years in. At the Precession of the Equinoxes- as the Mayan calendar said it would. This is terribly subjective, but that's when I began to feel the change.

New Age people- of whom I suppose I must be one- call it "Ascension"- a slightly confusing term because it means something different in the Christian tradition in which I grew up. In New Age speak we're talking about the raising of the consciousness of the whole human race- another step- a bigger one than usual- in our long journey back to the stars. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood: one led to nuclear annihilation and the other led to a better, smarter future. We made the choice, we can't go back.

Humankind entered its troubled adolescence. No-one said growing up would be easy.

(Trump? Yeah, we've got a troubled adolescent running things- and buggering everything up nicely. Things have to be properly buggered up before they can be made new.)

And now the epidemic- the first event that humankind has experienced as a whole- as a single planetary awareness- with everybody pretty much on the same side. We'll look back- and go, "That was when we first noticed the difference, when we began to realise..."

I think we come into incarnation as we choose, when we choose. And if we're here now it's because we wanted to be- and that this historic event- even if our brains (which lack the information available to our higher selves- are going, "No, no, no!")- is what we were born for.