April 16th, 2020

The Return Of Who?

Among the media I paid attention to vis a vis Pizzagate etc was a series of 10 short movies on YouTube- which had some good points to make early on but moved into apocalyptic fantasy towards the end- with a final section- entitled "Return of the King"- which suggested that John F Kennedy Jr has been in hiding and will soon return to put the cabal to the sword. I have long since decided that nothing should be rejected simply on the grounds of improbability but if this prophecy comes to pass I'll be hugely surprised. There's never been a Messiah yet who worked as anything but leaven to the lump- because if free will is to be valued- and I'm sure it is- the only change that counts is that which comes from the heart. It's why political revolutions- imposed on the masses by the fired-up few- always turn ugly.

And why John Kennedy? Why the scion of a dynasty? Surely it's a little late in the day to be putting our faith in bloodlines and the Divine Right of Kings?

I blame Tolkien, myself- or St John the Divine- or maybe just those disciples of theirs who have insisted on taking them literally.