March 29th, 2020


The skin of my hands is roughening up from all the washing we're required to do to defeat the virus. The roughness is most marked over the knuckles of my right hand. It's as if I'd been going round socking people on the jaw.

I look at the backs of my hands. The skin is loose and wrinkled, dry and thin; there's even some spotting. They look like desert landscapes shot from a plane or drone a couple of miles up.

Spring Has Been Put On Hold For A Day Or Two

I had hoped I'd done with body warmers for a season or two but the wind has switched from west to north east and I'm wearing one again. We've had brief falls of sleet and hail- and Ailz tells me that when my back was turned there was a flurry of snow. My daughter rang me from the field in Leicestershire round which she was walking the dog and cut the call short because her hands were frozen and she needed to stick them in her pockets.