March 20th, 2020

How It Is Affecting Me Personally

Wendy- who comes in and cleans once a week- rings to say she's giving up all her extra commitments and she'll see us when the epidemic is over- so that'll be midsummer (at the earliest).

My son tells me off for going to pubs; he's quite right. I tell my sister off for thinking she can go out and about in spite of having a cold; and I'm quite right too. We're policing one another-and it's all totally, absolutely right.

My son's 40th birthday bash- which was going to be a highlight of the early spring- and would have involved the participation of several of the aged and infirm- is almost certainly off.

The dustbin men are still working- which is a blessing. I just heard their cart beep-beep-beeping as it backed down the drive.

I'd love to post about something other than coronavirus, so perhaps I will- but I think it will require effort.