March 9th, 2020


The train is chugging along its track- with passengers and their valuables due to arrive at such and such a place at such and such a time- when up pops Butch Cassidy with his Wild Bunch and the schedule goes to pot.

Human affairs are like this. You think you've got a reasonable idea of what's going to happen next and then something you hadn't thought of intervenes.

(It's why the prediction business is so difficult)

"Unknown unknowns" is what Donald Rumsfeld called them.

Coronavirus for instance.

The latest unknown unknown may or may not turn out to be catastrophic in itself- but its effect on other things- like the world economy and the domestic and foreign policies of who knows how many nations- has already been enormous. The world will be a different place because of it.

Right now we're enjoying the moment of chaos.

Like in the movie

"That ought to do it," says Butch.

The rail car disintegrates. Dollar bills fill the air.

"Think you used enough dynamite there?" says Sundance, as he and Butch pick themselves up off the ground.