March 1st, 2020

Getting Off Lightly

I dreamed we were spectators at a Test match. Our Oldham neighbour Mohammed Asif was in the batting line-up for Pakistan- but had had to go home to await an Amazon delivery- so his captain picked me to take his place. This happened during a break in play- and I woke up before ever having to face the fast bowlers...

The First Day Of Spring

The first day of Spring (at least according to the meteorologists): blue sky, fluffy clouds, daffodils in various states of awakedness.

The Sunday Telegraph celebrates with a front page close-up of Boris Johnson (with stubble) kissing Carrie Symonds (with grin) on the occasion of their announcing their engagement and her pregnancy. Would Mr Gladstone have posed for such a picture? I think not.

My daughter, Alice, posts this on Instagram. "Take your spirituality with a side of slapstick." Yes, yes, yes.