October 11th, 2019

Wind, Rain, Wasps

I shut the bathroom windows last night to keep the wind from making the door creak but the wasps got in anyway. There were four or five of them fussing at the glass this morning. My mother's carer called me in to help her deal with them. She trod on one and I opened a window and eased the others out. I don't like killing them if I can help it; not that it matters much at this time of the year when they're on their last legs anyway...

It was a stormy night and this morning it's raining.


I can sort of remember the dream I emerged from this morning- but then again I can't because it was abstract- and didn't make a great deal of sense on this plane of existence though on another one it might...

It concerned patterns being reconfigured to make them youthful. It was a happy dream.