October 4th, 2019

Norwich Roof Boss #22

This will be the last of the series.

Norwich has many green men- and this is the most widely reproduced. He's not grimacing or roaring as some of them are- but simply smiling.

"Very nice" I say to the artist, "But what's it mean? Is that a friendly face or a sinister one?"

And he sort of shrugs and says, "How would I know? I'm just the bloke who makes 'em. You decide..."

Random Jottings

We've started watching re-runs of Midsomer Murders in the late afternoons. It's the sort of thing old people do. I like John Nettles. The late 1990s don't look so very different from the late 20teens in terms of clothes and hairstyles, but the technology gives things away. Sergeant Troy pulls out his phone and it's enormous.

There's a new contractor handling our refuse collection. They started on the first of the month- and came to us for the first time this morning. The good news is they take glass and fabrics for recycling and can handle small electrical goods- which the old firm didn't and couldn't. The bad news is they're cutting back on public recycling collection points.

Rory Stewart, who was running for the leadership earlier this year, is quitting the Tory party and standing down as an MP. Boris Johnson has a Brexit plan but nobody outside his inner circle likes it very much. We're due to leave the EU in less than a month and what will actually happen is anybody's guess...

Ailz says she wants a couple of olive trees. She shows me a site that's selling lovely old twisted ones for sums in the region of £1,000. One can dream. The supermarkets and garden centres retail younger models for £20 or thereabouts.

Life In The Old Girl Yet

Critics say the novel is dead but people go on writing novels.

Critics say cinema is dead but people go on making movies.

Why this rush to ring down the curtain?

Because it's only once a thing is definitely over that it becomes graspable.

You need a corpse before you can perform an autopsy.

And while there's life in the old girl you can't make pronouncements like "The cinema is this" or "The novel is that"- because there's always the chance that the next thing to be released or published is going to negate all your assumptions.