July 28th, 2019

Reclaiming My Belongings

I dreamed I'd gone to Buckingham Palace to pick up some of my belongings that had got taken there by mistake. They included a cat bed, a cold sausage and some personal diaries with living photographs- like the ones they have in newspapers in Harry Potter's World. My father was with me.

Some functionaries saw me picking the things off a table in the salon and asked me to prove they were really mine. I showed them a picture in the diaries of my father wearing a laurel wreath- like Claude Rains' Caesar- then pointed to my father himself who was sitting in an armchair watching all this going on. I explained how I'd given the objects to a local museum and they shouldn't have been transferred to the Palace. "If you need someone to back up my story" I said, "Ask Boris Johnson. He used to be Mayor of Oldham, you know."

Just then there was an announcement that the Queen was "Taking up her position" and everyone rushed off to watch and I was able to slip away- which I did, with the diaries and cat bed under my arm, munching on the sausage.


A spider had spun its web in the angle between the wall and the overhang of the pitched roof- and this was exactly where a cloud of midges had decided to have their dance.

They went on dancing at the edge of the web even though half their company was already strung up on its wires.

This was something I actually observed- but I think it is also an allegory or a fable or something of that kind.