July 27th, 2019

Light Up The Sky

I caught the end of a movie about a searchlight crew in WW2. They were a parcel of rogues- all with rather more on their minds than biffing the Germans. Ian Carmichael was the ineffectual commanding officer, Victor Maddern the incompetent NCO and Tommy Steele, Benny Hill and Johnny Briggs (best known for a decades long stint in Coronation Street) played three of the variously insubordinate privates. It was implausibly good. I was telling Ailz about it afterwards and she said, "I know that movie, only I thought I'd imagined it."

It's called Light Up the Sky. It was directed by Lewis Gilbert in 1960. Tommy Steele waived part of his fee to be in it.

The Frogs Asked For A King...

There was a time- not so long ago- when "Prime Minister Johnson"- like "President Trump"- seemed like an idea a satirist might play with but which could never exist in the real world. We forget that the real world is simply a shared dream and that if enough of us think fantastical thoughts they change the way things are.

In an older reality (the one that has existed in Britain over the past thirty years) it was believed that buccaneers didn't, couldn't, make it to the top in British politics. Aspirants to high office had to conceal their piratical tendencies- their individuality even- and get a smart haircut and a sheen of managerial competence. This led to the reductio ad absurdum that was the premiership of Theresa May- and the reaction against all things Maylike that is the elevation of Boris Johnson. We have longed for colour in public life and our prayers have been answered.