July 6th, 2019

Well, It Only Took Me 68 Years To Find Out

All my life I've suffered from a leg that aches when I go to bed and keeps me awake. My left leg as it happens.

Last night it was particularly bad and I was thinking of taking extra pain killers or a slug of whisky.

Instead I had a drink of water.

And it cleared up immediately.

Corri Gauff V Polona Hercog

Sport can be cruel.

Last night's women's singles match was tremendous.

On one side a journeyman player nearing the end of her career who was looking at her first (and possibly final) chance of getting in the last 16 of a major.

On the other side a 15 year old kid.

And of course everyone (myself included) was rooting for the kid.

The older player had attitude, big tattoos, and tennis gear with skulls on it.

And the world was against her, cheering every mis-hit.

And she lost.

And the kid goes on to what could be one of the great careers in tennis.

Like I said, cruel.