June 20th, 2019

Life On Earth

So many squirrels!

They've been coming in the front door and nibbling their way into a big bag of peanuts. When the door is shut they scratch at it. Marlowe watches in fascination. Does he fancy squirrel for breakfast? "Don't be silly," he says, "Everyone knows cat food comes in elegant little foil sachets."

Here's a question. A magpie, a squirrel and a rat foregather at the foot of a bird feeder. Mostly they ignore one another but if things do get nasty what's the pecking order? Who's the boss?

Pecking Order

I was thinking the magpie would top the pecking order too, but actually, no, the magpie is at the bottom. The squirrel and the rat both took a run at it when it got too close and saw it off.

The squirrel is in the middle.

And the rat is boss. It may be smaller than the others but it's an aggressive beast. Infringe its personal space and it makes like a torpedo. Every time this happened the squirrel gave ground.