June 19th, 2019

Seaford Head

See that vertical, black line going down the cliff face? That's where the next section is going to break away. It could happen any time.

This is Seaford Head. We'd love to live nearby. There was a house for sale just off the esplanade- a little square box in a terrace of little square boxes- but which one was it- the end house or the one that looked empty or the one with the driftwood fences? The lady who emerged to confront me said it was the one with the open door but the young man who came out of the open door said he and his girlfriend were house-sitting it for the owner and it wasn't for sale at all. I think they may both have been trying to mislead me. With my flat cap, dark glasses and long straggly grey hair they probably took me for a burglar.

Dig My Grave Both Deep And Wide, Place A Radiator At My Side.

I almost missed spotting this lady. I mean, you don't expect to find a mid 15th century memorial brass nestled up against a mid 20th century radiator.

Words that come to mind are "inappropriate", "insensitive" and "disrespectful".

Memo to the churchwardens of St Peter and St Paul, Hellingly: Shift the radiator or shift the brass; Give the pretty lady some elbow room.


PS. We don't know who she is. The Sussex Parish Churches site thinks she may be a member of the Devenish family who lived at the wonderfully named Horselunges Manor.