June 6th, 2019

75 Years On

I wish I could write about seeing the 30 Dakotas winging overhead on their way to drop parachutists over Normandy but I can't because we live a little too far to the side of their flight path. This morning's carer said she saw them- and Bev, who brings my mother communion from St Luke's, came and went early yesterday afternoon because she and her husband were going to stand in Goudhurst churchyard- supposedly right under the flight path- to wave and cheer and take photos.

30 Dakotas must make a sky-crumbling noise, mustn't they? I listened out but heard nothing- or rather heard all the other planes whose everyday buzzings and rumblings I normally edit out of the ambient soundscape: airliners, funny little trainers, the odd Spitfire, helicopters; my, but the skies over West Kent are busy!

The news programmes were all about D-Day. There was an attempt- on the part of journalists and politicians- to talk about Brexit and NATO and "the special relationship"- all quite inappropriate, I think. We don't want to hear from politicians and journalists on an anniversary like this, nor from retired peace-time admirals and the like. If you weren't there on the day please keep your thoughts to yourselves...

I reckon it was shameful and petty not to have invited the Russians.