May 24th, 2019

Twenty Degrees In The Shade

It feels like high summer- which of course it isn't- blue sky, fluffy clouds, the temperature just under 20 degrees in the shade. The fields are full of buttercups- which is new; they've spread onto our property from Lee's hayfield and I'm very happy to see them. There's no horse out there to eat them at present; Chris snuck a filly- one of Patch's daughters by the look of her- onto our turf while our backs were turned and then snuck her off again. It's all good.

I've been shifting junk from the garage to the stables- just in case we want to use the garage as a seating area for Becky's birthday bash on Sunday. I've been doing it slowly and ploddingly- never carrying very much at a time because- well, do I need to have an excuse?

I've been reading Between Heaven and Charing Cross- by Jules Hillyar- the true story of a rescue group (rescuing trapped spirits from insalubrious corners of the afterlife) which was based in Langton Green in the 1970s. Langton Green is just up the road from here- and it's always nice to read a book in which the place names are familiar. There's a volume 2- and I've sent for it. I'm also reading a Life of Steve Jobs- who was thoroughly dreadful- yet thoroughly lovable- as is so often the way with geniuses.