April 10th, 2019

Keeping A Record

For several years I've been using a big A-Z Road Atlas to keep a record of all the places in the UK where I've been and taken photographs, drawing rings round their names in ballpoint ink. The book's condition has gradually deteriorated- with the most heavily notated page (West Kent and East Sussex) falling out and tearing in half- so I bought a new atlas at a services the other day and now I'm transferring the information. I started in the south and I'm working north- pausing wistfully to contemplate the places I've never been- like Suffolk- and now I've reached Merseyside and Greater Manchester- another heavily notated page. My ambition is to go everywhere and photograph everything (by which I mean medieval churches and suchlike points of interest) and I know I'll never do it "but a man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for?"

We're going up to Lancashire on Friday and staying a week. Point and click, point and click...

Wearing White For Eastertide

A beautiful day. Warm in the sun but with a brisk wind blowing from the north east- if I'm not mistaken- which is not the usual direction. The new wind mill is rocking and spinning and the cherry tree is at its absolute best.

I planted samphire in a tub. Apparently it'll grow inland- you just have to add salt to the mix when you water it. I also planted marigold seeds. I have sunflower seeds and hollyhock seeds in hand and am wondering where to put them. I did well with sunflowers in 2017 but not well at all in 2018. Perhaps I'll put them in pots; that way I can keep a close eye on them.