January 10th, 2019

Ev'n In Our Ashes Live Our Wonted Fires

We have, of course, wrought a lot of changes to my mother's environment- refurbished rooms, moved furniture, got rid of things- and if we do it behind her back she doesn't notice, but if she catches us at it she gets snippy.

This happens very little now. In the early days it was a regular occurrence.

(I don't blame her. If the roles were reversed I'd be snippy too)

We all have our ways of showing our displeasure. Some people shout. I go all sulky (at least I think that's what I do) and my mother reverts to being the Daughter of the Big House.

And so...

My mother: (seriously pissed) Did you ask permission to move my books?

Me: No.

My mother: Cheeky.