November 2nd, 2018


We have lots and lots of CDs. Ailz was going through them yesterday, picking out the ones she might still want to play.

I thought of going through the remainder and picking out the ones I might still want to play- but I'd be fooling myself if I did. I hardly ever listen to music. I prefer everyday noise. Occasionally I'll click on something that's been posted to YouTube.

What does one do with unwanted CDs? Charity shops still carry them but I don't think they particularly want them.

There's a cardboard box in the spare room cupboard full of 78s- unplayed and all but unplayable. I suppose the CDs will join them. Someone in the far future may stumble upon them and go, "Oh look!"


Our six year-old granddaughter went to a Halloween party dressed as Frida Kahlo. Her own idea.

Would I at the same age have gone to a party dressed as- I dunno- Pierre August Renoir? Not a chance.

Kids today are smart.