August 24th, 2018


 My mother grew grapes to make wine which wasn't always disgusting. The wine-making finished a long time ago but the vines are still there- and the developing grapes are looking plumper than usual. That'll be down to the heatwave.  Perhaps they'll be sweeter too.  Matthew suggests freezing them and eating them through the winter. I don't normally pick them because they're only just palatable but this year I might.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

 Wikipedia tells me McDormand was consciously channelling John Wayne's performance in Liberty Valance and Rockwell was channelling Lee Marvin's- which makes it a Western, I guess.

"Think of it as a Western" is what I'd say to those who criticise its lack of social realism. It isn't meant to be a dissection of the politics and manners of small town America; it's a morality tale- which is what Westerns commonly are. 

None of the reviews and comments I've read makes the point that seems obvious to me- that it's primarily a film about anger- so I'll make it here.