Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Kite Surfers At Camber Sands

Last time we were down on Camber Sands there weren't any sands because it was high tide and the waves were breaking on shingle but yesterday afternoon the tide was way out and the kite-surfers were ploughing the shallows. I counted 40 of them, whizzing along at the speed of a power boat, twisting and turning- and every so often taking to the air, leaping up fifteen feet then coming down in slow motion. The sky was full of their multicoloured half moon sails.

I walked out to them, barefoot, to give my new camera its first proper work out. The sun was shining through mottled cloud and every so often coming out into the clear. The light from sky, sand and water was so bright I couldn't see what I had on the screen and the wind was blowing my hair into my eyes so I was all but shooting blind- pointing the lens in the general direction of what was going on and clicking and clicking- and hoping to capture something that would be fit to share.

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