Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Who? Why?

Andrew Wingfield Digby.

The name arrived in my head in the hours around midnight- and I spent the longest time trying to put a face to it. I was sure I must have known the feller- if only glancingly...

I looked him up this morning. He's a cricketing parson, approximately my age- who played for Oxford University and Dorset and was once chaplain to the England team. At no stage- that I can see- did our paths ever cross. Perhaps I heard him being gossiped about in ecclesiastical circles- not that I was ever much of a one for that kind of shop-talk- or heard him mentioned in Test Match commentaries. I found a cache of pictures and his face is absolutely unfamiliar.

So where on earth- or out of it- did that come from?
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