December 30th, 2017


We called the paramedics in yesterday morning because my mother had zoned out on us and was sitting slumped in her chair communicating in grunts. They were very thorough- and as they ran through the tests on their check list she came out of her fugue and became responsive again. They asked her who the Prime Minister is and of course she doesn't know that even when she's at her brightest but she could tell them the Queen's name and her own address- up to and including the post code.

So she didn't get taken off to hospital. She was very sleepy for the rest of the day but this morning seems back to normal- insofar as you can call it that. She's spoken to my sister on the phone and has no memory of what happened yesterday. The paramedics diagnosed low blood pressure- with- or perhaps caused by- an upper respiratory tract infection- and we're knocking off one of her blood pressure tablets.