December 10th, 2017

Out Of The Loop

 Much of Britain has had snow.  My daughter in Leicester says they've built a huge snowman in the garden and my son-in-law has been trying to source a sledge.  The youngest granddaughter is mithering to go look at the Christmas lights in the village and having a hard time understanding they won't be on in the day time. 

Here- south of London- we've merely had rain- quite a lot of it. The roundabout at the top of the road is shut, but due to road-mending not weather. A near neighbour is either driving in fence posts with a heavy sledge hammer or shooting things- most probably the latter. 

Max Clifford RIP

 Max Clifford was the master of fake news back in the day when we still called it spin. Spin is the more elegant term but fake news is closer to the actuality. Both are synonyms for lies- but one sometimes has to have recourse to synonyms because an accusation of lying is actionable and only the very rich can afford themselves the luxury of that kind of plain speaking.

Clifford told lies for hire. He boosted careers, he also put the boot in. He was a very powerful man in his sphere and because of this he got away with things. He liked to have us believe his filing cabinets were stuffed with material on everyone who was anybody.. He was apparently without a moral compass- and the media- which feared and used him- portrayed him as a kind of genial Jack the Lad.

He died in prison. Not because of any of the above-  telling lies for a living isn't a criminal offence- but because he was also a sex abuser.