December 6th, 2017

Christine Keeler RIP

Christine Keeler has been on my mind because of her featuring in Ali Smith's Autumn and now it turns out she died on Monday.

Smith talks about Pauline Boty's picture of Keeler. You can find it on-line. It's called Scandal '63.  It was a private commission and got itself photographed (in colour!) and then went missing. Perhaps, what with Keeler being in the news again, it'll turn up- which would be nice. It shows her in a variant of the famous chair back pose- with the ugly mugs of four of the men she was involved with in boxes above her. It's an important painting. 

Apparently there's a BBC TV series about the Profumo affair in the works. It's timely. Never were we sicker of Westminster politics than we are now- and it was Profumo that started the rot- or so says the mythology.

 The Mail says Keeler died a recluse- which I think means she wasn't always on the phone to journalists or turning up at premieres or wanting to go into the jungle with Ant and Dec. You avoid publicity and that makes you a recluse- because it's really weird not to want your picture in the papers.

Someone papped her in old age. She's walking down the road pulling a shopping trolley.  The eyes are narrowed but they're unmistakeably hers.  I think she's thinking, "Oh fuck off, you wanker." But she's thinking it with dignity.